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About Graduate Institute of Precision Engineering

The Graduate Institute of Precision Engineering(GIPE) at Chung-Hsing University was founded in 1999. The teaching and researches in the IPE merge special topics reganding material engineering, chemical engineering, electro-optical engineering, automatic control and precision manufacturing into integrated technologies. The GIPE offers a PhD program and a master of science degree for students who are willing to devote themselves into high-tech industry and education after receiving the training.

National Chung Hsing University is located in Taichung which is a city in the central part of Taiwan. Nearby, there is a new science-based industrial park (the third science-based industrial park in Taiwan). This not only provides students with great opportunities in getting jobs after graduation, but also facilitates in finding research sponsors. Besides that, to the north within a distance of 100 km, there is the Hsin-Chu science-based industrial park ; to the south within 100 km, there is the Tainan science-based industrial park. This geographic advantage is one of the reasons to assure a promising future for the GIPE.